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We’re still loving Sunnybank, originally uploaded by cubamxc, courtesy Pecha Kucha.

Well over a year later we’re still talking about my own private neon oasis. The first really public forum was Pecha Kucha (or Pecha Kucha), just days before the launch. Most recently, Lisa Smith of Sunnybank Plaza and I have been guest blogging for Arts Queensland. My post, We Love Sunnybank was published late last week and Smith’s, The day the museum came to us… earlier this week. Prompted by the AbaF QLD Community Award, it’s been another wonderful opportunity to debrief, share and revisit our experiences of the project. Comments, broad and strategic, would be most welcome.

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Choi Jeong Hwa at Market Square June 2011 P: R. Shakespeare, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

Further to the AIA Art & Architecture commendation, the AbaF QLD Community Partnership Award and best practice recognition, my own private neon oasis has now been awarded the 2012 Gallery and Museum Achievement Award (GAMMA), presented by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland (M&GSQ).

The judges’ citation recognised the project for its leadership in the delivery of an innovative, off-site project that developed new audiences, and provided alternative reasons to visit Sunnybank, to gain a better understanding of its cultural identity and narratives. The strong community outcomes were evidenced by the care undertaken in the development of relationships and partnerships. While the bilingual collateral provided increased access, profile for the project and extended the project’s influence and reach.

Importantly, the award recognises the relationships, the people involved, the people who invested in the project. I acknowledge them in the publication, but it seems fitting to reiterate here: the collaborating international and local artists and designers, the Exhibitions and Design Manager, the entire installation crew and volunteers, the writers, editor, graphic designer, the photographers, Arts Queensland, Lisa Smith, David Shaw and colleagues of Retail First, Andy Liu, and of course Tracey, Tina and the staff at iNails. The goodwill and investment of these collaborators cannot be underestimated.

The publication my own private neon oasis is available to purchase in selected stores. For further information visit

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Pineapple patch Mains Road 1913, from ‘Sunnybank Wall of History’ courtesy Sunnybank Plaza
Source: Uploaded by user via exhibition I never on Pinterest

(Speaking of pineapples) my own private neon oasis has been harvesting some awards. Early May, The Australian Institute of Architecture (AIA) awarded The Lantern a Brisbane Regional Commendation for Art & Architecture. The award recognises a collaboration between Donovan Hill, Boxcopy and curator. As part of my own private neon oasis, The Lantern was a memorable space to admire the rising moon, and served artists-in-residence who utilised the viewing platform to survey the deep surrounding landscape of Sunnybank.

And just last week, the Australian Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) named my own private neon oasis the QLD Community Partnership Award winner in recognition of the partnership with Sunnybank Plaza, as well as a best practice recognition. While my own private neon oasis presented multiple complex projects with many stakeholders and collaborators across the shopping precincts at the intersection of Mains Rd and McCullough St, the partnership with Sunnybank Plaza was critical. Both parties worked really well together and it’s a fitting acknowledgement of that collaboration.

my own private neon oasis is accompanied by a 160 page full-colour publication featuring documentation of works by the international and local artists and designers involved, and essays by the curator and contributing writers that address the contexts of the project, with Chinese translations. The publication is available in stores and online. For further information visit

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more mopno publication, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

“a gorgeous publication featuring Metaverse’s Hologram Holiday
Augmented Reality Nails, is now available to purchase in iNails salon
in Sunnybank, right next to the coloured polish…. super cute !”
– Thea Baumann, Metaverse Makeovers

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Picture 4, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

… apparently Boxcopy managed to, refer Boxcopy in Sunnybank, but they’ll be another this Wednesday. Although I’m sure the vegetarian has the last remaining moon cakes, to celebrate the full moon with family and friends, tea and moon cakes will be available at The Lantern 7 – 8pm this Wednesday 12 October. For further information and program updates refer Museum of Brisbane.

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dsc_2242, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

There were these balloons. They were Luis Barragan colours, mostly yellow and pink. Weeks ago when Jeong Hwa and I first spotted them, they were a large bunch gently floating at the top of a tree, above the corner of Sunny Park. He said they were really beautiful, and he was right, they really were the prettiest bunch of balloons I ever recall. Many were still there the evening I had tea with Boxcopy, days later. I wish I’d been able to take a photo. But I’ve managed to come across this one from ACCA’s blog.

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…Boxcopy in Sunnybank. Boxcopy are continuing to uitilise the The Lantern as a base-camp. They’ll be onsite 6 – 9pm tonight. Everyone is invited to participate by suggesting places or experiences to discover in the area, or any points of interest. For further information and to review documentation refer Boxcopy in Sunnybank.

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Boxcopy invited Damian and I for tea at their Lantern (or Fort) and dinner last night. And it was really nice to finally just hang out.

As part of their project, Anita Holtsclaw has been surveying skill testers i.e. ‘the claw’ and testing her skills as a ‘hunter’ of mass-produced cultural artifacts contained within each machine; Anastasia Booth has hired a mycube and is exhibiting objects within this space; and Tim Woodward will catch up with a local friend to enjoy a Peking Duck each. The public is also invited to participate by suggesting places or experiences to discover in the area, or any points of interest. For further information and to review documentation refer: Boxcopy in Sunnybank.

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Although I was reeling from my own presentation, I really liked the presentation just after mine by Jude Andersen, Artistic Director of Punctum. Andersen started by referring to the direct translation of Pecha Kucha – mentioning that she hasn’t had a haircut for over a year and invited anyone from the audience to cut her hair to aid the – chit chat.

One of the projects she discussed (pictured here in the background. And I’m sure it’s disconcerting to have someone photograph you directly from the front the row) was on topic. Centred in a Chinese market garden, the project built a toilet surrounded by the garden fertilised by the ‘night soil’.

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file2, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

Makeshift recently presented work as part of the exhibition Urbanition at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Their project “The Restless Quarter is an open-ended document of mobility and change, an expanding propositional archive of the city broken down and reconstituted so that that it can shift according to climate change events (meteorological and geopolitical). Assisted by strategically located participants, The Restless Quarter collects – and borrows from – existing mobile structures and itinerant services found on the streets of San Francisco, Sydney and elsewhere. It asks those in the business of (de)futuring our cities to confront what design theorist Tony Fry has called the impending “age of unsettlement” and begin welcoming ways of living that are dynamic, responsive and opportunistic. What kinds of infrastructures, social networks and support services might The Restless Quarter require or self-generate, and which bus do I catch to get there?”

The project will be re-exhibited 4 August to 3 September at CarriageWorks Arts Centre, Sydney.

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