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Elizabeth Willing Dessert 2013, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

We’ve had a wonderful Saturday evening sipping sake from the pouting lips of a ceramic globe and splitting up to eat wedding cake.

We were at this APT artist party, telling Elizabeth about our friends engagement party on the rooftop. Actually, it was so much fun we’d been telling everyone about it and had become somewhat determined to do more. Elizabeth was so energised by her recent research associated with the Experimental Food Society in the UK, we offered the rooftop as a potential venue for her to experiment.

We’ve been meaning to have a Valentines dinner with friends ever since we saw the film Julie and Julia, so this helped set a date. After returning from Thailand, we met to discuss and develop. Someone, probably Elizabeth, said something that reminded me of ChikaLicious, a Lower East Side dessert bar, and in an instant the idea was crystallised.

Elizabeth Willing Dessert 2013 presented a five course dessert. As the pictorial menu hinted: we consumed round vanilla and triangular cocoa crackers made by Elizabeth, with soft and sharp handmade cheeses paired with, applying our lessons from a desert wine tasting at Mondo, a sticky Sauterne; sipped sake from the pouting lips of a ceramic globe; indulged in a citrus themed series of tarts and amazing brownies with chilli, balanced on a fulcrum that tipped from one side of the table to the other; after eating with scented porus spoons, Ellie reintroduced us to Limoncello; and for the finale, we popped a celebratory demi sec and split up to eat marzipan topped with wedding cake (pictured). I don’t like fruitcakes, but Elizabeth loves wedding cakes and this one was spectacular.

Given the weather forecast, we’d prepared to decamp to the downstairs terrace, like Banyan Tree in Bangkok. However, the humorous conversation mostly held back the rain. Recalling Epicurus and the pursuit of happiness, happiness is sharing a meal with great company, with friends. And the best accompaniment was great company, with interesting conversation and a lot of laughing.

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IMG_3418, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

I should explain. The onset of spring and the forthcoming summer was evidenced by the appearance of my first pineapple. I planted it almost two years ago, sometime in February 2010. As I understand, it takes two years to grow the first pineapple, then every year after that. Talk about pineapple commitment! It’s a test. I planted a few, but I’ll have to plant a lot more.

Now, not only have we returned from Thailand to find that it’s fully ripe, but there’s another pineapple! It’s been two long years and I can’t wait to eat pineapple!

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Damian’s new kitchen, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

We hosted a dinner with friends to watch the Tour de France climb through the Pyrenees. Technically they insisted. Lucky we bought a big bag of huge onions from the markets last weekend, coincidentally from French stallholders. Damian prepared a French onion soup with a huge crouton. Awesome. Gladly, our apartment doesn’t reek of onions anymore.

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