Fast and furious

IMG_3022-2.jpg courtesy Mai Kaidee, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

We took the overnight train to Chaing Mai. Checked-in, borrowed bikes and rode into the old city for a pre-scheduled Thai vegetarian cooking class. We spent the afternoon in an unassuming shop house, being guided through the preparation of a dozen dishes by Duan of Mai Kaidee. It was fast and furious.

Firstly, we prepared the vegetables we’d be using throughout. Then Peanut Sauce, Pumpkin Hummus and Pumpkin Soup, which were all sampled with crackers. Next Tom Yum, Tom Yum with chilli jam, another with a little coconut milk and Tom Kha Soup. The completion of each course would be met with Duan announcing, “It’s easy right”, while we sampled. Masaman and Green Curry. Then Phad Thai and Fried Vegetables with Cashew Nuts: “It’s easy right” and more sampling. Our bellies quickly reaching full capacity. Thai cold Spring Rolls, Green Papaya Salad. It was really amazing just how quickly each could be whipped up: “It’s easy right”, more sampling. Lastly, Mango and Banana with Sticky Rice. Our bellies were full; we couldn’t eat anymore. They packed up this food for us and sent us home, with ourdinner in tow.

“It’s easy right”.

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