We’re going to Thailand!

Fischli/Weiss How to Work Better 1991, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

So, I’ve been researching artists and exhibitions to check out; but it’s unlikely I’m going to see more work by Phinthong.

‘During the second phase of the exhibition How to Work (More) for Less Thai artist Pratchaya Phinthong contributed a timely commentary on Fischli/Weiss’s How to Work Better 1991. In 1990, the Swiss duo had come across a list of ten ‘commandments’ in both English and Thai, hung on the wall of a pottery workshop in Thailand (starting with ‘1: Do one thing at a time’ and ending with ‘10: Smile’). They then reproduced the English version on the façade of an office building in Zurich. In Basel, Phinthong installed a sheet of one-way glass in the door that usually shields the Kunsthalle’s library from view from the gallery space; through the glass, visitors could peep at the original photo of the list taken by the Swiss duo. The installation was a visual reminder that what usually remains invisible in these kinds of transfers is not only the original language version, but also who produces many of the things we consume, contemporary art included.’ Refer: Frieze Magazine | Archive | Pratchaya Phinthong.

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