Choi Jeong Hwa at Market Square June 2011 P: R. Shakespeare, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

Further to the AIA Art & Architecture commendation, the AbaF QLD Community Partnership Award and best practice recognition, my own private neon oasis has now been awarded the 2012 Gallery and Museum Achievement Award (GAMMA), presented by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland (M&GSQ).

The judges’ citation recognised the project for its leadership in the delivery of an innovative, off-site project that developed new audiences, and provided alternative reasons to visit Sunnybank, to gain a better understanding of its cultural identity and narratives. The strong community outcomes were evidenced by the care undertaken in the development of relationships and partnerships. While the bilingual collateral provided increased access, profile for the project and extended the project’s influence and reach.

Importantly, the award recognises the relationships, the people involved, the people who invested in the project. I acknowledge them in the publication, but it seems fitting to reiterate here: the collaborating international and local artists and designers, the Exhibitions and Design Manager, the entire installation crew and volunteers, the writers, editor, graphic designer, the photographers, Arts Queensland, Lisa Smith, David Shaw and colleagues of Retail First, Andy Liu, and of course Tracey, Tina and the staff at iNails. The goodwill and investment of these collaborators cannot be underestimated.

The publication my own private neon oasis is available to purchase in selected stores. For further information visit

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