Parekowhai arrives

Parekowhai wrapped up P: D. Eckersley
, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

How often do you see a bronze arrive by boat – never! Well, Daphne Mayo’s bronzes would have arrived by boat, but not literally craned from the Brisbane River onto the site.

Despite that the commission commemorates the opening of GoMA and the 20th anniversary of APT, Fiona Foley and recently Sam Watson (Snr) have argued that an Indigenous artist should have been commissioned. Parekowhai’s the wrong kind of Indigenous. And of course the political mileage ensues; as if $1 million would make much difference.

However, the positioning of the work at Kurilpa Point, the significance of the site, is an issue at stake. As I understand, the view to Kurilpa Point from kuril dhagan at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), as well as the seat designed in consultation with Indigenous architect Kevin O’Brien, might be blocked by the underside of The World Turns. GoMA, which obstinately faces the Windmill and its roof extends to claim Kurilpa Point, seems to continue to disregard the distress expressed by Indigenous representatives.

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