finally get Beyoncé’s Single ‘Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’…really made me laugh

Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely and Per Olov Ultvedt Hon – En Kathedral (She – A Cathedral), 1966, installation view Moderna Museet, Stockholm Source: via exhibition I never on Pinterest

I’m kinda confused. Republicans used to be about families, picnics, waving flags and maybe even eating hotdogs – although without the raw onions, because nothing bad should come out of a Republican’s mouth, be it foul breath or foul language. But these days Republicans seem to be interested not only in swearing but also in watching porn movies and looking inside vaginas. If they used to indulge in such illicit activities, they would do so privately (and blame them publicly on loose Democratic morals). Now we all have to listen to arch-conservatives besmirching traditional Republican ideals.

Read more… Frieze Magazine | Archive | Right & Wrong.


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