Back to the Future

Australian Pavilion 2011 Philip Cox, Giardini, Venice Biennale P. E. Condon, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

I was going to post about this early April. You receive these press releases, which can spark reactions, but eventually you err not to bother. But I happened to re-read this post earlier today and realised, I’ve already written about it: ‘we call it the white box because it’s where the art is and the black box because it’s where the cinema is’ or ‘a white box contained within a black box’, it’s all the same. Yawn.

But to be fair, and update the previous post, GoMA and their contemporary arts programs are immensely popular (and popularist). You don’t need to do any market research, it’s visibly apparent. The galleries are bustling, particularly during the weekends, where masses of children rub shoulders (or knees) with politicians and co. However, this doesn’t really excuse black and white boxes. Yawn.

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