Tea with Boxcopy

tumblr_lrywkt749a1r2ivg7o1_1280, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

Boxcopy invited Damian and I for tea at their Lantern (or Fort) and dinner last night. And it was really nice to finally just hang out.

As part of their project, Anita Holtsclaw has been surveying skill testers i.e. ‘the claw’ and testing her skills as a ‘hunter’ of mass-produced cultural artifacts contained within each machine; Anastasia Booth has hired a mycube and is exhibiting objects within this space; and Tim Woodward will catch up with a local friend to enjoy a Peking Duck each. The public is also invited to participate by suggesting places or experiences to discover in the area, or any points of interest. For further information and to review documentation refer: Boxcopy in Sunnybank.

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