IMG_0357, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

Makeshift has been up this week and we’ve covered a lot of ground. Including, the opening of Boxcopy’s Grid North at QUT’s The Block, which is probably the best show I’ve seen in this space as it takes the big black box and cuts a path through it. The opening also provided a curious photo op. of some of the boys involved with The Lantern or HQ for artists-in-residence.

One of the dominant conversations has focused on consumption, which at Sunnybank quite literally evolves around physically internalised consumption. There’s so much food: restaurants, butchers, and restaurants with butchers, supermarkets and tea parlours.

While Sunnybank certainly isn’t about to suffer this fate, I’ve come across this curious phrase: Shopping refugees [kaimono nanmin – 買い物難民] people who live in economically depressed rural or suburban areas where shops and shopping streets are going out of business, often due to competition from large chain stores in neighboring areas. Source: pink tentacle

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