Landmark, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

The Landmark is an institution. The links below attest to this. I was once a regular visitor and I’ve recently been spending a lot of time there again. I wonder if I’ll get sick of it? In which case, I’ll at least get to finally explore more further a field. It’s virtually the heartland of Sunnybank and has been the epitome of being a tourist in your own backyard. And I’ve recently realised that I can skip the huge cues by making reservations. Seems obvious really. I’ve also recently learnt that Parkland serves yum-cha of an evening.

Related links:
From the Poison Doughnut, January 5 2009
From the brisbanetimes, November 17 2008
And from the Courier Mail, December 19 2006 WHILE Fortitude Valley has always had its fair share of Asian restaurants and supermarkets, Sunnybank is giving it a run for its money with plenty of specialty food outlets…


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