Colliding Islands at Lake Macquarie City Gallery

Colliding Islands, installation views Lake Macquarie City Gallery, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

Archie and I travelled south to deliver a floor talk as part of the opening of Colliding Islands at the Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. I really appreciated being able to see the exhibition installed there. The staff are really nice and their install looks great. In their spacious gallery, they decided to accommodate the previously recorded floor talk from CAST and part of Kevin O’Brien’s foreword from the catalogue.

It’s the third floor talk for Colliding Islands and while I’ve been reassured that they’re really pleased, I’m wondering if we should re-invent the story. The thing I appreciate the most and find really valuable, is being able to see revised interpretations, specifically relating to each venue’s environmental situation. Set against the picturesque Lake Macquarie we discussed, I can’t remember the exact term used but a kind of environmental psychology. The experience of recognising a place one week, but through the rapid transformation of landscapes, namely mining in the area, having to come to terms with a new environment, almost overnight. Thereby, experiencing loss and an erasure of memory, and inevitably being forced to question what’s real. It’s been very revealing to see each instalment encountering similar affects differently.

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  1. melanie said:

    Window vinyl looks good!

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