From Inkahoots

Fwd: New Anthems IV at the Ideas Festival, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

From Inkahoots:
The fourth interactive telephonic cut-up by Inkahoots offers Midnight Oil for upgrade. After rewriting Australia’s official national anthem and several iconic poems, you can now interfere with Beds are Burning: “How can we _______ when our _______ are burning”

New Anthems invites you to play with our foundational texts via SMS. Text 0430 547 035 to add your contribution. Simply enter a word or short phrase for each of the blanks separated by a comma (e.g. ‘firstword, secondword’ or ‘short phrase, another short phrase’). Visit to see a list of real-time contributions.

From Architectural Review (ar. summer 2009/2010. #133):
“While [participant’s] messages are witty, topical and occasionally irreverent, the project itself should be acknowledged for it’s own functionality, design acumen and deft grasp of the medium of interactive art… Visually the work is beautiful, arrestingly clear and intriguingly layered. The graphics are multidimensional and fluid without being wishy-washy, and defined without being obvious… While social content may be the driving impetus for the studio, and witty phrases the memory for the majority of viewers, the idea of New Anthems as an interactive portal for the voice of all is what makes this project so universally relevant. The only pity is that it isn’t a permanent public artwork that drifts from one location to the next as a perpetual stream of conscience.”


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