Looking Back

David M Thomas, Dream Job (2010)., originally uploaded by mxccuba.

I’m a little behind with a year in review a la Artforum, Freize (Jemima gets a mention p. 90) etc.; but hey. While 2009 was perhaps a more rounded year with books and performances, 2010 was unusually good for exhibitions in my corner of the world, including my hometown.

For me, there was APT6, the highlight being Kibong Rhee; the Sydney Biennale, namely ASE+F, Fiona Pardington, Kate McMillan’s Island of incarceration and Shen Shaomin’s Bonsai Series; Alex Monteith’s Passing Manoeuvre with two motorcycles (2008), as part of the Walters Prize at the Auckland Art Gallery and Julian Dashper at the Gus Fisher Gallery (plus, while in Auckland I got to purchase some really nice dresses, as you do); Brook Andrew, The Cell (2010) (1 of 3 posts); Vernon Ah Kee’s Tall Man at Milani; David M Thomas’ Dream Job at QCA, Santiago Sierra’s, 7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x60cm, constructed to be held horizontal to a wall, had a super brief stint at GoMA, supported by Kaldor, which really centred around the ‘In Conversation’; and Heimo Zobernig at Pestorius Sweeney House.

More broadly, I agree with Filipovic (Freize p. 88), following on from the Bergen Biennial Conference, September 2009, 2010 was also a year with a renewed explosion of journals and texts focusing on curatorial practice. Namely The Exhibitionist by Jens Hoffmann, which has inspired some elements of my recent titles.

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