#1 Received my camera, after dropping it in Kuching.

DSC04085, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

Poor neglected blog. I didn’t mean to. Had been meaning to relocate the blog and was forced when the hacked artsblog was retired. So moving, very slowly, in the midst of things, the blog has been more-or-less forced into a five month hiatus. Hopefully most of it is relatively intact, but keep finding missing bits. Also going to take a little longer to get use to and adjust fonts and formatting. In the meantime, to review key events and milestones, five posts to correspond with the past five months.

Aside from the usual busy, busy, not much changing, there have been lots of changes. Most notably, I’ve been considering taking a break from ‘independent’. I’m not sure how successful I’ve explored and conveyed negotiating curatorial paradigms through this blog, perhaps only ever pointed to projects. And as yet, I’m unsure of how these kinds of changes will evolve, and be reviewed, through the blog.


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