Mary and Max

from Mary and Max
, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

How awesome is Mary and Max? It’s like the best Australian (and New York I suppose) film I can remember seeing in ages. And even better that it’s claymation, which also manages to make Australian kitsch digestible. There are so many great details: Max’s totally grotesque recipes; The ‘life be in it’ stamped to the crotch of Grandpa’s buggy-smugglers; Max’s problem-solving; Mary’s dream of some day marrying Earl Grey; Max’s anxiety attacks; Philip Seymour-Hoffman pronouncing Mary’s full name as he begins to type each letter. His voice was so familiar. It wasn’t until the end when I thought about it that I realised, oh it’s Seymour-Hoffman. Actually, the voices of the superior cast really cares for and shapes these characters so convincingly. It’s unfortunate that the bittersweet is being described as bleak. Particularly when it was a relationship and tale that ultimately stumbled upon such good fortune.


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