Erzan Adam, ‘Naked as We Were’, 2008. Fabric 59 x 59 x 142 cm. Photo: D. Eckersley.
, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

Illness aside we managed to get out and about a little. How could I possibly stand not seeing the galleries: ‘Manifold’ at the Substation, the Singapore Art Museum (Damian’s sneaky photo posted above) including ‘@ home abroad’ at the new, diagonally adjacent 8Q; Post-Museum, and a very brief glimpse of Little India, and the opening of Betty Susiarjo’s ‘Someday We Will Know’ (images previously posted) at Lasalle on our way to the airport. Noting that ICA and/or Lasalle haven’t updated their website for some time, they don’t list their opening hours, didn’t respond to my email query, appeared to have other exhibitions on (?), but I had to learn about the opening from the sitter at ‘Manifold’.

But like a lot of people, the standout activity was the Night Safari next to the Singapore Zoo. And I’m so glad we got to visit, as we didn’t make it to see the orang-utans near Kuching. I wasn’t sure why there were so many ‘nocturnal’ cows, but Damian made the point that it’d probably have something to do with them being one of the most revered animals in Asia (per capita at least). Fair point. The spotted hyenas were absolutely terrifying and this adrenaline spiked experience made them Damian’s favourite. He thought they really, really wanted to jump that trench and gorge on our throats while we screamed blood curdled cries for help in the dark ‘jungle’. And for me, that South Park episode develops real sense after seeing the capybaras in the ‘South American campus’ (worlds largest rodent, which resembles a freakishly large guinea pig with a dog-like body). Although the fishing cats didn’t dive we were very fortunate in that all of the animals came out to play; most notably the giant flying squirrels. Normally I can’t stand squirrels and get into all sorts of stand-offs and freak-outs with them bouncing, scurrying and attacking, but the giant flying kind are cool with me.


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