Because sometimes I want my time to be mine

Simon Evans, Everything I Have
, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

Over the weekend, the idea – I must remember to start writing that review Monday, kept popping into my head. Then today, why not start differently – looking at blogs I’ve been meaning to for months. So, I’ve been sucked into a wonderful vortex, before a Tea Master lunch with the boy.

Beginning with Garance Doré, I sighted some other yellow-holics. Bright, anise, neon or whatever the exact colour is, I’ve also increasingly become obsessed. Often teaming with the equivalent blue, mixing stripes, patterns and scarfs. Trying to purchase whatever I can lay my hands on, before it disappears and/or sadly fades. Wish a sublime yellow dress could appear in my wardrobe. Have been meaning to purchase salmon-coloured items. Ha! To all those skewered eyebrows and looks. But more generally, what a femininely-written blog.

Then the vortex spiralled into Simon Evans, Everything I Have (pictured, courtesy of A CUP OF JO, noting the semi-regular post Have a fun weekend. What are you up to?..). Slightly similar to John Freyer’s allmylifeforsale, except Evans doesn’t sell and document the ongoing life of his possessions. ‘Evans implicitly compares being shipwrecked, to the role of the artist as an outsider… He’s also obsessed with counting and charting’. Followed by, the plug. A project, which ties disposable cameras to benches with notes that read: I attached this camera so you could take pictures. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick up… And people take photos.

Subsequently, Mark Gonzalez’s performance at the Stadtisches Museumm, Germany late 1998 (pictured, courtesy of Kate Neckel). Yes, gotta love the skating and West Coast by Coconut Records. Perhaps a fitting soundtrack to – sometimes I want my time to be mine. Not to mention cruising in the modified fencing outfit.


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