“We don’t really buy into flavours”

DSC03846, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

Aside from the obligatory stops: Franklin River, Cradle Mountain and Freycinet. I’d discovered Damian was seriously entertaining the idea of a possible alternative: planning our entire trip around vegetarian food. He’d found an alarmist with a very limited list; as-in more dire than a vegetarian in Cuba. While it’s a curious and completely understandable approach, thankfully it was unnecessary (much like the 9 day canoe trip down the Franklin). However, more surprising was discovering that restaurants tend to close early in Tasmania, especially in Hobart’s city centre. 

From memory one of the worst fears was not being able to eat in Strahan. Knowing that the Franklin Manor was a back up we aimed for the local pub. The copiously appointed gnocchi salad with walnuts, fetta and whatever was more than enough to feed the big, bad and hungriest vegetarian male.

There were scrumptious Huon valley mushrooms all around. Even at the yacht club in Launceston Damian found asparagus and haloumi in a stack; while I enjoyed an awesome seafood green curry and other such things. The wine was great too, pity we found some of it was owned by Gunns… the desert wine wasn’t though!

The sweet potato cakes at Fresh (Charles Street, Launceston), filled with zucchini and fetta, topped with fried eggs, mushrooms and sweet tomato relish would be ranked within my all time top 3 breakfasts. Damian will always get the beans where on offer: baked eggs with chilli. In fact, like Damian, my breakfast at Zum (Hobart) was also near perfect. A potato rosti with salmon and hollandaise sauce, though a little oily was the perfect portion without poached eggs. Of course Damian had the baked beans (with poached egg) special, as did almost everyone else: he says ‘yum!’

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