Triathlon Pink

Triathlon Pink, originally uploaded by mxccuba.

I was excited and even a little bit scared – hoping I’d make it, rather than fall in a heap before the finish line. As many of my friends and colleagues know, last year my idea was pink cupcakes for a pink breakfast, but this year I thought I’d up the anti and participate in my first triathlon. After continually writing for a couple of months I was sick, not even swimming and needed a new kind of kick-start. So, why not sign up for a triathlon. And besides, I figured it wouldn’t matter if I collapsed, passed out, or whatever, because it was all about raising funds in aid of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So, I spent the past weeks more-or-less cramming a two-month training program into two and a half weeks (which Handsome Dan seemed to think was quite amusing). And definitely one sure-fire way to kick-start moving the junk-in-the-trunk. The process has dominated my conversations, but now it’s all over. I made it.


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