Dsc02772, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Critical Animals invited me to present ‘The exhibition I never curated’ as part of ‘Creative Arts and Media Practice: Online’. Preparing for this particular presentation was mostly torment-free and it was easy to pinch my own images from the blog, but a little surreal. In this instance, I basically had to re-read the blog and research myself.

Aside from being horrified to find a couple of grammatical errors, it was interesting to explore and consider how the blog has actually evolved. Initially approaching it as a publication with mostly images, to a type of tool documenting curatorial practice that declares and gradually makes transparent the subjectivity and identity of its maker. The response to the presentation was surprisingly positive and people seem to have really hooked into the idea of a curator’s subjectivity, particularly changes in subjectivity.

The TINA festival seems to of changed so much. My first visit must have been in 2003 and I just remember being amidst a bunch of ‘kids’ more-or-less descending onto the city. This time it seemed as if many of the usual suspects were present, but older. And this was a part of the discussion in the final session ‘.

Damian was particularly excited that Justine quoted me in her introduction to this session. Actually, it was great having Damian there. It was a mini break, shopping, eating and exploring a location new to him, in a way that was similar to NY or a further critique emulating the blog.


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