Last night was Brisbane’s first official Pecha Kucha and it was literally packed to the rafters. Every since I last returned from New York, everyone has been talking about the lack of discussion; talking about the need to talk.

Volume one was some-what formal. A couple of speakers read from pre-prepared notes and everyone talked me-me-me. My understanding of pecha-cha is that one of its real strengths has been that it provides a forum to talk more broadly about research and practice focuses. For example, in Melbourne Mark Dytham (pecha-cha guy) presented his obscure documentation of various kit-kat wrappings. So as an observer, you start to piece together what an individual is informed by, make connections and comparisons. Even more importantly, he was entertaining.

While strong completed concepts are interesting enough, people really responded to the less serious concepts and experimentation, like bubble machines. Once the topic reverted to the more staid practice the interest dwindled, until a bubble machine was re-introduced. Hopefully presenters in the future will pick-up on this overwhelming audience response and aim to be a little less earnest.


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