Just back

DSC02424, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Just back from my first visit to Darwin for the Contemporary Craft and Design Curators Meeting representing artisan (formerly Craft Queensland). After managing the 4/5 hour flight, a disorganised check-in, whistling construction workers (who still does that??), the shock of first encountering the tiled bedroom that’s literally also the bathroom and suspiciously questioning the reasoning behind this design choice, I was eventually able to close my eyes and recover. It’s so weird visiting somewhere new in my own country. Things, the general landscapes, were similar, but not quite the same. Obviously.

Aside from that, it was all very interesting. Everybody’s working on interesting projects. And a number of issues I’ve been interested in further exploring and advocating for since New York, are similarly being focused on by others, which was really nice to hear. We also had lots of laughs. There was a late night excursion to Ducks Nuts and another to Bullocks Point at Fannie Bay, where I must admit we were terribly clichéd curators all in black, but completely out of context at the beach.


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