Cooling centre: networked infrastructure.

white box in storage, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

For years I’ve been advocating for young and emerging practices, this and that, but who advocates for developing critical curatorial practice? One of the most obvious realisations during the residency in NY was the lack of discursive forums.

So the concept was concerned with depositing the white box in storage, a space that could accommodate a cooling off period. To illustrate, and in a sense advocate for, the idea that the white box is over, done and that perhaps it’s time to cut the ties, so to speak. The program would have invited other curators, particularly independent curators, to present current projects or concerns, and project onto the white box. The project would have intended to open up a discursive forum that doesn’t take itself too seriously, that is relaxed and fun.

However, the lack of discussion and exchange seems to of increasingly have become concerning across the board: visual art, design, performance. At every opening, party and loose gathering the issue is raised. This didn’t use to be the case; there were lots of openings and opportunities for conversation; independent practitioners didn’t seem to ‘feel’ isolated. 

There’s such an intense concentration on built infrastructure in Australia, and Queensland in particular. Second to this the focus is exporting, never importing. When’s the concentration on networked infrastructure going to really kick-in?


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