Forever changing facades

Dsc02323, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Well, it was a bit strange to come home. Prior to leaving it was as if I was more there than here and when I came home, I was still more there than here. But the most shocking thing was how many things had changed or been altered in some way, even really banal products at the supermarket. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’ve had to adjust to American’s sugary bread it’s reasonable to expect a certain level of immediate familiarity at home and that no period of re-adjustment will be required. 

There are quite a few new buildings, some of the larger ones I was familiar with before I left, others I’m being confronted with walking along the street. Everyone’s response is: it must have happened while you were away. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising because this town is forever changing and rapidly. Compared with New York where there’d been modifications over the years, but the street, its buildings etc were essentially the same and it was familiar. Brisbane in particular seems to have an unusual addiction to regularly renewing the appearance of everything possible.

On the one-hand this practice provides a positive impression of constant-change. On the other-hand nothing is really transformed. In Mexico and Cuba in particular, we became interested in the concepts of facades and vistas. And I really like the idea of the urban being about clashes, social and political, expressed and co-opted in the constructed world. But everything and nothing changes simultaneously. The streets of my town aren’t the streets of my town.


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