After Party

Img_0626after partyDsc02315, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.It was so much fun sharing old habits and indulging in some new habits, specifically chocolate martinis and lounge-room antics… Bek forever known as the singing machine; Anna squealing the potential pitfalls of documented karaoke; Jay’s NY reminiscences and understanding; Ciel requesting Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne over and over without realising it was played over and over; Damian who’s turned into a real energetic little performer… and the most tolerant of karaoke DJs; Andrew’s deathmatch challenges; Gus who’s not just my personal bartender/magician…But has apparently been secretly idealising David Bowie in the mirror or maybe the shower; And of course the soulful performance of Handsome Dan. Not to mention the lounge-room dancing. Yay!

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