Completely famished and reeling from Strand Books, I headed for one of my favourite home away from homes’. I’m really going to miss this place. I wish there was a Korean Restaurant with the same qualities at home. I haven’t passed a single opportunity to go. Every time someone’s visiting or is hungry nearby, it’s basically the only suggestion I offer. And screw Epicurus; while it’s happiness to share a meal with good company, I was also completely happy to eat here all by myself.

I had my bibimbap, tea and Boon Book Ja rhasberry sake. My all time favourite sake, which I want to track down a case of and take home. It was also perfect tonight, because sitting by the window, I was able to quietly observe all the action and it started to snow. I was glad that I came here after the strand and not before, that I was sitting here, down the road from the apartment, and not blocks away.

Gradually the pavement was covered in a thin coating of white and when I left, my coat become covered with a light dusting of snowflakes. (Later I’d have to adjust to the sound of snow tapping my windows). I wish I could at least order take-away from Australia. It’s a shame that this place can’t be transplanted home.


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