Field Trip

Monica Bonvicini Never Missing a Line 2007 Sculpture Center P: L. Rollman., originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

It seems that it’s all been happening at ISCP the last couple of weeks. Guest critics have included Henriette from the Whitney and Mark from Creative Time. Later this month it’s Lex ter Braak and Susanne Altmann. Damian and I also got to meet with Jan, who introduced us to a new great bar. Always endearing for Australians.

And then there was the field trip. We went to Isamu Noguchi Museum, where there were limited sandwiches; Socrates Sculpture Park; Fisher Landau Center for Art, where we were encouraged to sit in the chairs that needed to be reupholstered after Mathew Barney borrowed them for 3; and the Sculpture Center introduced by Sarina.

And then there was the field trip after party. There were decisions about whether to go out into the cold for dinner – definitely not. But eventually we ran out of drinks and only made it across the street. Sara had the giggles, but may have sobered when trying to determine whether a pimp had tried to pick her up. Some went home and some went on.

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