MoMA: Casual Friday Shopping

Meret Oppenheim Object (1936) Fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon, overall height 7.3cm
, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

We’ve been to 2 free Friday’s in a row. Normally big crowds in the gallery aren’t especially fun i.e. blockbusters, or even worse blockbuster openings, but it was fun. Perhaps because we didn’t know anyone, no stop and chats were required and we could just focus on our specific interests.

The new gallery is a bit of a shopping mall; it’s casual. It was enjoyable hearing small crowds verbal responses to and laughter, particularly to Pipilotti Rists’ projection. Best of all everyone was taking lots of photos in the gallery: of work, posing beside Picassos’ etc. etc. Our photos focused on detailing Merrit Oppenheim’s Fur Cup. I always see the same, typically black and white, photos. It’s always better to be able to sight the details in person, or at least a variation.

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