Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Yeah. We had the best time. Almost as fun as, maybe better than, our first night back at ‘Cock, formerly known as Hole’.

It was great. We tapped out toes collectively, bounced a heel to the beat and felt the reviberation on those timber floors at the Bowery Ballroom. We even had a super-fun lounge room boogie amisdt the crowd. It was the best.

He has the the whole David Byrne thing happening. Not with the Elvis twitch from the hip down, but from the waist up he’s got it goin’ on. Not so great with the harmonica, but that stance with his back to the audience makes up for it. In case you haven’t noticed, I do have a predilection for silhouettes.

Actually, we’d seen them earlier in the week on our way to Astor Place. We were leaving St Marks and they, the five of them, were standing in a straight line at the lights about to cross and enter St Marks. In fact, it would have made a good photo.

We clapped and clapped, pounded our feet expecting an encore. But alas, my entire life, never has there not been an encore. But alas. Still, I’ve determined they’re my equivialant to Damian’s Belle and Sebastian.

The supports were also great: The Tiny Masters of Today (Willie Mae graduate?) and particularly Kimya Dawson: ‘The ghost of the girl I use to be’. Who is that and would she even recognise me??

PS. Ciel! I never ask for anything, well I’ve been asking for stuff lately, but Kimya Dawson was great. Book her, and I’ve never said ‘book ‘em’. She even has a panda.

PPS. I’m havin’ the best time.


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