My Cupboard

My Cupboard, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Like my cupboard? $60 a night: priceless. Before I eventually went to sleep, I was thinking about all the public debates I’ve heard about arts funding: artists etc get a free ride; the term sacrifice associated with artists; Ah! What a joke, this is sacrifice. My train of thought was distracted when I noticed a circular configuration of holes, and wondered if they were suppose to be air holes. Actually, they look more like holes for a speaker, and the wall has been hollowed out to roughly fit a speaker. Come to think of it, this Interfaith League, has cult potential written all over it! Only 2 more sleeps and I’m outta there. Is that a tick between my toes? – I really hope this is the final post re NY sublets. – In my defence, it had been a particularly cold day when I agreed to this, so I thought at least I’ll be warm. In fact, I’ve since realised it was advertised as ‘spacious furnished room’. Mental note to self: Don’t bother trying Japanese sleeping capsule, you won’t find it novel.

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  1. damian said:

    13 Dec 2006 damian wrote : So is it a sublet or a cult? I have mittens!

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