Always ‘art comes first, salsa later’

For weeks I’ve been in a daze, in between places. At home, feeling like I’d practically gone already and then here, not quite settled. In addition to being awarded a second grant to cover accommodation expenses, I’ve actually found somewhere to temporarily live. Triple Yay! It’s taken weeks… and weeks, but I’ve at least settled on a sublet/s for December. I’ll definitely be in the East Village until late December, then I may have to go through the whole ordeal again. Hopefully, I’ll still be in the East Village January and February, but I’m waiting to confirm. I’m not sure if it’s easier to find a sublet when you’ve landed. It seems New Yorker’s want to stay in their home during the fall. In the meantime, I no longer need to be super preoccupied with the immediate possibility of being literally homeless during a New York winter. I can finally move on with my work. Yay!

  1. damian said:

    13 Dec 2006 damian wrote : I love the sms title reference… Hey you don’t have any link to the ISCP on your blog! or the Arts Hub story: QLD CURATOR WINS NY RESIDENCY Brisbane curator Louise Rollman is heading to New York. The 28 year-old Will become the first Australian curator-in-residence at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, after winning the 2006 Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists Fellowship. (Arts Hub)
    13 Dec 2006 Louise wrote : Actually, I do have a link to ISCP. It’s subtly embedded in To blog or not to blog – Where and what is ISCP? And re the recent article, Ciel had suggest that I create a media category, but I figured you can just google for that stuff if your really interested.

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