Untitled | DSC01754

DSC01754, originally uploaded by valleygirlv.

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  1. Simone Eisler said:

    23 Nov 2006 Simone Eisler wrote : Hi Louise, Congratulations on your residency! That’s so fantastic. I would like to talk to you about a current collaboration I am undertaking with a New York based artist. I was selected for a group show in Lower East side Manhattan this year in April (which she was in too), and travelled there to attend the show. My colleage and I have been in contact since then and working on our project together. She is quite prolific, talented, playful, contemporary and committed and we share many similarities with our works. I also hope to return to NYC next year in 07, as my time there opened many doors for opportunities. I have put in for a few residencies there and she and I continue to work on ideas for projects. If you are interested in chatting about future opportunities, please send me your email address as I don’t have your recent one. I also have a tonne of new installation work you might be interested in viewing and that I would like to show you. Nice to hear you are doing so well. Cheers, Simone

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