Craigslist sucks banana flavoured eggs

Again, dear sadly neglected little blog and life in general, I didn’t mean to neglect you, but I’d been sucked into a totally despise-able craigslist vortex. For well over a month I’ve been starting each week in the worst possible way. I’ve logged on and gone directly to craigslist in search of temporary accommodation in NY. In response to my email ‘I don’t want to be homeless and dirt poor in NY’, almost everyone recommended craigslist. Some of whom had direct experience and were able to elaborate on its drawbacks while stating that it’s the best free forum for posting and finding apartments?? It’s a nice concept, but it’s so far from being efficient or effective.

At this point, I’m starting to personally comprehend Jenny’s stress induced crying. I’ve been consistently on the brink and really don’t feel like myself. The listings are inconsistent, there’s no standard benchmark, mostly no images and competition relies solely on urgency. It’s rife with terms like ‘x amount… difficult to find’ and ‘x amount… won’t last’; bullsh*t look around buddy, in fact look either side of you, they’re everywhere. And when you actually obtain images, they’re of the curtains! What the fc*k. They’re lovely, but where’s your apartment?? Not to mention establishing trust; another Aussie’s message included ‘Watch out for weirdos…a lot of lonely and cuckoo people here. Unfortunately for me I’ve lived with them…twice!’

I’ve also gradually gained the distinct impression that share situations aren’t really sharing. The NY definition of sharing apartments often seems to cover your room only. If I want to move freely, utilise the kitchen or have access to the bathroom I’d best be looking somewhere else. Perhaps this is one strategy to obtain or inflict a sense of control in a coarse city. Regardless, as a result I’m starting to imagine New York as a series of rats’ nests and New Yorkers as rodents scurrying from one place to another.

So to be clear, craigslist sucks banana flavoured eggs. If you generally expect a direct correlation between time invested searching, corresponding etc. and outcomes, then don’t even bother going there. If you’re a rodent who doesn’t value or even deserve a life then knock yourself out. Noting that I’m relatively relaxed on almost every issue and until recently have had some solid karma, it’s been so hard. Even my usual affirming mantra ‘if I just get through this I can move on with the rest of my life’ isn’t helping.

In the midst of that there are some people, incredibly generous with their space and time, but it’s so darn hard to wade through all the crap to find them! I’m easily approaching a tally of 100 and have nothing to show for it. Instead all I have is a throbbing headache, bulging eyes, smoking like a crazy person, being distracted, my conversation hijacked and my manners distorted. I don’t believe in God, but if I did I’d be praying, for the rest of my life and all my after-lives please never let there be another situation where I have to lay eyes on that absolutely loathsome site.


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