The Nigella BBQ

A few weeks back we had a fab Nigella BBQ, a concept Ray and I had developed based on the book and channel four series Nigella Bites. Essentially, it was a planned excuse to try and share the decadently scary deep-fried bounties with company. The final menu included spatchcocked chicken, peppers with feta and almonds, the vego delight – soft and sharp involtini and of course the deep-fried bounties (mini) with pineapple.

The Nigella BBQ, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Ray was focused on cooking the birds on the fully loaded flame flying barby, while Damian and I were operating as a tandem team preparing sauces, rolling and stuffing the involtini. We all fell in love with the involtini, consisting of bbq’d eggplant slices wrapped around a stuffing of burghul, feta, capers, pistachio, oregano and baked covered in a rich tomato sauce with even more feta. yum! The detailed involtini recipe can be found at:

It’s difficult to pinpoint the ultimate highlight of the evening. Every time we’ve seen the dinner party since, the conversation is all ‘weren’t those spatchcocked chickens just fabulous’, and someone else will contribute, ‘oh and the involtini was just devine’. One of the real successes of the BBQ was that we’d never previously prepared any of the recipes and by casually working as a team they all turned out perfectly.

Then there was the deep-fried bounty bars. We could hardly spare the space, but managed. All afternoon I’d been simultaneously excited and trepidatious about trying them. Tina, on the other hand, seemed to have no reservations and surprisingly tucked into more than one. Actually we all did. Understandably, we eventually rolled home feeling very happy with ourselves!

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