Do You feel it too?

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Through my excessive internet wanderings, I’ve stumbled across this today. It’s part of a community cultural development (CCD) project in Hanley Park (UK) called ‘Love Ties’. Essentially, through community sessions, collaborating artists derived the ‘poetic’ quotations. Some of these quotations have been fabricated and installed to somehow improve the landscape of a local park. I vaguely like the concept, but as one would expect there’s some pretty scary elements. Namely, ‘I come down to the park, just for a couple of hours or my head would explode. We’ve been married for nearly 50 years…I’ve been looking after you for twenty odd years’. Or maybe I’m being insensitive in some way?? Most of the comments on love offered through the community sessions were fairly depressing. Of course this doesn’t appear to be reflected in the uplifting installed works.

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  1. jander said:

    17 Oct 2006 Jander wrote : hey louise! checked your blog and read parts of it, albeit in a little bit of haste b/c of all the things happening in my loft to try to make it a home! to blog or not to blog… i’ve a blog for a site and none of my friends or people who look at my word post anything… so i stopped crying about that a while back.. i;m not arianna huffington so that’s consolation enouh for me ;-) but, having said this, there’s this great energy that we can explore in “art blogging,” so here’s to that exploration! cheers…. nyc, are you coming?

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