I can’t help wondering whether she’ll be a cold hard bitch this time around.

To blog or not to blog: I realised today that I haven’t blogged anything all month. In fact, this has been a fairly steady pattern since returning from Mexico and Cuba. I look at friend’s blogs detailing weekend bushwalks, pub outings, and all the stuff I / we do, but choose not to blog. Where’s the line between my life and our life??

I refer to Jenny Wynter’s blog entry ‘Dear Sadly Neglected Little Blog: I do still love you’. Actually I’m going to refer quite a bit to Jenny’s blog, which I perused this afternoon, mining for any information applicable to further planning my residency. Instead, I’ve had a good laugh and considered some things I hadn’t thought of i.e. plane crashes, brains bursting through my nostrils and having my blog read at my funeral?? Not to mention stress related crying. I come from a male family; hopefully it won’t come to this. Again, I’m going to refer to Jenny for descriptions of the Lord Mayor’s Fellowship presentation, because Jenny actually prepared. Hell I just showed up and said Thankyou!

Ian Tippett GROUND LEVEL 2005
, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

Approximately 3 months after receiving the Lord Mayor’s Fellowship I’ve only just got around to telling everyone through my e-flyer ‘THE USUAL’. Even so, the topic has managed to pervade almost all of my conversations. Every time I see the same people: When are you going? Where and what is ISCP? How did you get it? What are you doing again?? And there’s another 3 months to go!!

At the moment I’m oscillating between an eagerness to get on with it and the realisation that it’s 3 months away. How do you plan a residency, including appointments, 3 months out? 11 weeks out for sure, because it inevitably creeps up on you, but not longer. Surely.

Even though the blog should be a medium for FAQ’s I’m going to circumvent some key questions again. And in person, I’m going to start deferring all questions back to the blog. Today it’s a forum for managing my more unusual life.

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  1. Jenny Wynter said:

    30 Aug 2006 Jenny Wynter wrote : Hey! Nice blog – I’m sorry I couldn’t provide much more insight into the process but a few chuckles never go astray. Don’t worry – if I could plan mine in six weeks, you can do ANYTHING!!!! I actually found it quite a lot easier to hook up appointments and interviews when I was physically there. It seems like people don’t take you seriously about going until they realise you’ve actually done it (well that was my experience, anyway). Also, I realised that being able to say “Hi, I’m from Australian and I won this FELLOWSHIP to come here” opened up a few doors and allowed me to access people who otherwise would be impossible to reach. It’s quite amazing – how exciting that it’s all ahead!!!
    1 Sep 2006 Louise wrote : OK I’m excited again.

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