Tropicana P: D. Eckersley and L. Rollman, originally uploaded by cubamxc.

We managed to reserve the cheap seats earlier that morning, which include a quarter of a bottle of rum and a meal each for about $100 AUS. On arrival we also received a cigar and a carnation and the cheap seats weren’t bad at all.

We bristled with anticipation for the start of the performance as we heard the faint chinking sound of the huge chandelier headdresses the girls were wearing as they filed past us into their initial positions. What a spectacle! For the most part the colour and vibrancy isn’t really captured in the images we took or, for that matter, any other images I’ve seen.

Neither Damian nor I had been to a Cabaret performance previously, but I’m pretty sure it’s typically about the tits. Tropicana is all Latin American! There’s no topless here. The focus is on exposed butts and intense butt shaking. My hands down, favourite costume was the super bright yellow, three-quarter length Chaps!

The show culminated for us with the African-style, Romeo and Juliet act. It seemed totally clichéd at first, but the crescendo – boy dies, girl escapes, climbing the wayward Vegas strip structural feature to the second storey and… dives! Unfortunately, in all the excitement I was a little trigger-happy and pre-empted the mid-air shot too early.


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