Horse riding to who knows what waterfall

We rode our bony steeds Rosetta and Mulatto most of the way and then walked the remainder to what should be Cascada El Cubano, but who really knows. There was no sales pitch that could convince us to try the park restaurant’s speciality dish, catfish and we settled for a fruity cocktail.  Our guide pointed out numerous plants along the way, which included eating Almonds from the tree and touching Memosis leaves, which sensitive to the intrusion, close for 5 minutes then open again. We also saw the national bird, the Tocororo, with its red, white and blue colours.  It has a distinctive call that resonated through the valley.

However, the highlight was definitely swimming at the waterfall, behind which was a cave complete with stalagmites that you can swim into, it was amazing! On the return ride, Damian just didn’t understand what the hurry was for, his arse was crying out in pain. Watch out for those old Cuban saddles!


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