Feliz Anos from Trinidad

We saw the New Year in at a disco in a cave, which was even better than it sounds!

Descending more than 50 steps underground we emerged into a generous limestone space, replete with bar, overlooking DJ space, seating area and a dance floor that pumped and grinded literally, all on multiple levels. It all looked like something out of Dr No, even though we couldn’t remember him having a mirror ball.

We decided to introduce some Aussie normality by heading to the beach for New Year’s Day. Hiring some dodgy bikes, we trekked to nearby Playa Ancon.

We paid $4 CUC (convertible currency) for our cabana by the beach, which had that aqua blue water straight out of a Caribbean tourist brochure. We didn’t order the lobster from our cabana this time, but we did have some mighty potent pina colidas. While we had a nice time, it was disturbing that the beach was only occupied by mostly middle-aged, white foreigners. The only Cubans there were working…

Our bellies full of pina colidas we were more prepared to overlook typical comforts i.e. seat cushioning and gears. The ride home was fun except for that damn hill.


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