Palenque – when we woke-up we saw monkeys in the trees above our cabana!

Directly from the bus station we caught a taxi to El Panchan. Rather than stay in the shitty town we thought we’d stay adjacent to the ruins in the forest with Beni and Peter from Cologne. Basically, we had a great time with these guys over the next 24 hours, check out the film that they’re making!

The approach to the site was perfectly choreographed and we were astounded as we emerged from the jungle with an oblique view of the Templo de las Inscriptiones Group. The rainforest, the mountains and the mist have made it our favourite. We most liked the detailed combs decorating the temple and palace roofs. We also liked the arrangement of urban clusters, particularly the residential area still covered in jungle and flanked between two waterfalls.  Damian was interested by its commanding position at the base of the mountains overlooking the fertile plans that would have supported it and its access to multiple fresh water sources. In its classic period it was a vast city and only a small portion, the religious/administrative section, is cleared for access today. Unfortunately, the famous tomb of Pakal was closed L



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