San Cristobal

The clean fresh Mountain air here is so refreshing. This nice Spanish colonial town has sight lines down its streets to the surrounding terrain. We’ve made a slight adjustment with the colder climate and so the courtyards are now enclosed with glass roofs.  There is plenty of good eating, including first class curries at a place called Mayambe!  This place might be the most multicultural in all of Mexico.

There is a significant indigenous presence, which we learnt more about when we went to the villages of Chamula and Zinacantan, where we were shown the living Mayan culture. This included some insights into their religious beliefs and practices – that dominate or pervade behind a façade of Catholicism. Damian, always thinking of food, was fascinated by their creation story that includes the recipe for tortillas as how the Maya were made! I was more curious about how particular saints are being punished in their Church.

We’ve also been to the Zapatista store, Nemizapata and bought a number of artworks with the proceeds going back to their resistance struggle.

Damian and Louise

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