Lucha Libre

Dsc00467, originally uploaded by valleygirl2005.

While we’re not fans of wrestling at home, we were totally geared for Lucha Libre. We bought tickets from a scalper for the first time, which seemed to make it even more of an event.

Highlights included the Blue Panther being de-masked. He cowarded on the floor of the ring while the victor tore his mask to shreds. He was then shamefully escorted from the ring by his team mates. Sensationally, Tarzan Boy threw his bout. After dusting off the mat, he suprised the crowd by simply laying down for the count. His team did not take it so well. I also particularly enjoyed when Hector Del Aguya managed to keep his pants on while his opponent tried to dack him.

Generally, the most entertaining antics were the jumping, leaping and sliding out of the ring into all in brawls. In the headline Cabellena Vs Cabellena match the most interesting wrestling was actually between the coaches and sometimes a referee.

I managed to take a few photos before being asked to stop. It’s funny what you can and can’t take photos of in Mexico. To be posted.


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