contemporary art in condesa

In addition to the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Museo Rufino Tamayo, where we saw the Jesus Rafael Soto exhibition, the best contemporary work we’ve seen is in Condesa. We should have skipped Salon de la Plastica Mexicana and headed directly for the university satellite space MUCA Roma. Aside from being a very good exhibition space, they had the most information regarding current contemporary exhibitions. We picked up a great map of local galleries that also included shops and cafes.

At MUCA Roma, we saw some fantastic new media work as part of an exhibition titled Relativ0, curated by Barbara Perea. Standouts included a video installation by Juande Jarillo where a man is in a position on his back, similar to foetal, loudly knocks his head back against the ground and Gilberto Esparaza’s water balloon that slowly fills until bursting. Also, Alicia Framis Secret Strike 2004, which depicts people or workers at a standstill, mid motion, while automated operations proceed (automatic doors etc) and the world continues to turn.

The exhibition by Cuban artist Rene Francisco Rodriguez at Nina Menocal was skilfully executed, in terms of both the work and installation. The dual exhibition by Thomas Grunfeld and Peter Zimmerman at OMR presented distorted realities. Thomas Grunfeld’s animal bodies with bird’s heads, that I almost didn’t quite notice, were particularly wild! We also visited Garash that seemed to be the younger independent space complete with el Greco room or Plato’s cave that I recognised from some other space (Greek columns, B&W tile floor and three walls painted black facing onto a wide hallway).

Overall, the curated and solo exhibitions in Condesa were much more controlled and consistent than their more traditional counterparts near the Zocalo.


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